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Reader Asks Why So Many Storage Units?


Last month I voiced my concerns about the influx of storage facilities in our area at a Hayes Township meeting. I stated that the facilities are becoming ubiquitous and not an asset to our city and community. I quoted the fact that in a neighboring city there is a storage unit for every two people. At this point, and rather late, this town was able to approve a moratorium on short-term rentals. 

At the Hayes Township meeting, I was told that the storage facilities in our area were full. I phoned several of the storage facilities we currently have in Harrison and all of them had units available of varying sizes. Storage facilities do provide tax dollars but do not provide employment opportunities, take up valuable land that could be used for more profitable/employee-based businesses and encourage people to store more stuff than they need. Will Harrison and Hayes Township act sooner or later?

Vikki Paulus



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