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3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System and Keep Allergies at Bay During Travel

(BPT) - Have you gone on a trip and gotten sick during or after traveling? Not only does it take away from your enjoyment during your travels, but it can make it difficult to get back into your …
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Planning a California Road Trip Adventure

(Family Features) Consider these road trip ideas that take travelers to both cities and classic small towns, family attractions and far-reaching, otherworldly landscapes.

5 Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

(Family Features) For many people, traveling is about exploring new cultures, landscapes, cuisines and ideas. Consider these tips to save money as you begin planning your next excursion.

River Cruises Offer Exploration, Comfort

(Family Features) Travel for pure enjoyment is on the rise, so this may be your year to plan the ultimate dream vacation.

5 reasons to turn your long-distance move into a national parks adventure

(BPT) - A lot goes into planning and preparing for a long-distance move. And while relief comes once your boxes are on the truck, you may have one final push to drive cross-country to your new …

5 Top Tips for Flying with Young Children

(BPT) - Flying with kids can be a stressful undertaking, even for the most seasoned travelers. Preparing for a flight with a baby or toddler can present all sorts of questions: Which seats should you …

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