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The Titan


The Titan

In depths unseen, where shadows dance,

Beneath the wave, in an eerie trance,

Lies the tale of Titan, a vessel so grand,

Bound for glory, to explore a watery land.


A submarine, forged with steel and might,

Five brave souls, embarking into the night,

Their dreams alight, with hope and wonder,

To unlock secrets, where history slumbers.


Titan, a name that echoed with pride,

A symbol of man’s relentless stride,

Through murky depths, they descended low,

To the graveyard of Titanic, where legends grow.


Silent whispers, beneath the sea’s embrace,

Their hearts courageous, their spirits in chase,

Guided by faith, they ventured into the deep,

Five souls intertwined, their destinies to keep.


The ocean’s grip, a merciless hold,

Titan, her journey, a story yet untold,

Pressure mounting, as darkness unveiled,

A haunting beauty, where the might had failed.


But fate, cruel mistress, had other plans,

As whispers turned to screams, through trembling hands,

The submarine trembled, a fragile shell,

Titan’s demise, a tale they would tell.


Imploding echoes, a symphony of despair,

The weight of the depths, a burden they’d bear,

Five lived extinguished, in a single breath,

Lost to the abyss, in the cold arms of death.


Their sacrifice, a reminder profound,

Of the mysteries the ocean will forever confound,

Though Titan may lie, broken and still,

Their spirits live on, an enduring thrill.

So let us remember these souls brave and true,

Who dared to explore, the depths they knew,

In the annals of history, their names shall reside,

Five stars that guide us, in the great ocean’s tide.



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