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SPARKS-Ignite E-Tournament Showcases Esports Competition


Middle and high school students from Beaverton, Farwell, Harrison, Gladwin and Coleman who are participating in the SPARKS and Ignite programs, came together Saturday, March 2 for an exciting showcase of talent and competition at the first SPARKS-Ignite E-Tournament. Held at the Clare-Gladwin Regional Education Service District, the event drew 34 enthusiastic participants eager to engage in friendly competition.

The morning session featured school teams battling it out in rounds of Super Smash Brothers, vying for top honors and sought-after medals. The results were as follows:

Middle/Jr High Schools – 1st Place, Harrison Middle School (trophy winner); 2nd Place, Gladwin Jr. High; and 3rd Place, Harrison Middle School.

High School – 1st Place, Beaverton High (trophy winner); 2nd Place, Coleman High; and 3rd Place, Gladwin High.

Following the team competitions, the afternoon featured individuals competing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Flower Cup, Star Cup, or Mushroom Cup Awards. In that competition, Jaden Sherwin won the Flower Award; and Evan Kinny won the Mushroom Award and the Star Award.

In recognition of their participation and dedication, all contestants received Esports participation medals.

A special thanks was extended to CTE Digital Media instructor Jim Langley for expertly organizing the tournament, designing the awards and creating a memorable experience for all. Participants eagerly await the next Esports event.


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