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Small Cast has Big Heart for Barefoot in the Park Performance

Public invited April 11-13


By Ethan Wallace

Cleaver Student Writer

This week’s Harrison High School performance of “Barefoot in The Park” by Neil Simmon is directed by Harrison High School teachers Tori Blystone and Marissa Provost. Cast members include Cara Beemer as Mother, Malachai Coulson as Victor Velasco and the mailman, Cami Loomis as Corie Bratter, Matt Holmes as Paul Bratter, and Morgan Jones as the telephone man. I got to interview and ask the directors and cast members of this play about some of their thoughts, the creation process, and much more of the background process that went into creating this play that is being held for the public at 7 p.m. April 11 and 12, and at 3 p.m. April 13,. with an admission cost of $5 per person.

“Barefoot In the Park” is a performance that has had a lot of work put into it. After school the cast, directors and crew have been working a lot on the performance by rehearsing their lines, the technical side of things (lights, sound, curtains, etc.), and creating props for the set. With a small crew, it can be a lot to do. Their determination, and admiration for the work they put in, shows when you ask them about the play. I asked the cast members many questions about different aspects of the play and theater itself and got thoughtful responses from all of them.

A lot of them have had prior experience in the theater, with being in a play at least once before. With each performance they hold, and throughout the rehearsals, they work on newer skills and current skills that they can improve upon such as ad-libbing or memorization. Each cast member has their motivations for signing up for this play and continuing with rehearsals each day at school.

Malachi mentioned how the thing that motivates him to do this is spending time with his friends. Holding a play can be tough work but Malachi has always been someone who cares for his friends and wants to have fun with them, which this performance gives him a chance to do. Cami has always wanted to be in acting and wanted to be part of performances; she is inspired by Taylor Swift’s concerts. Similarly, Matt was inspired by a stage performance.

“I went to see a stage production of “It’s a A Wonderful Life” with my family and I just sat there in, well, awe,” hr said.

 Morgan has also been interested in acting from a young age, around 10 years old. Her stage fright held her back until she tried it. These motivations and perseverance have helped them do their best and overcome some of the stage fright.

“Have fun with it and try to do it with some friends,” said Malachi about being on stage.

Caralie (Cara) Beemer is another cast member in the play. She is an eighth-grader at Harrison Middle School and is the youngest amongst the cast. As a middle schooler, it can be a bit daunting doing this when you’re younger than the others. However, when Cami recommended that her friend Cara join the play, Cara joined the cast as Mother.

 “It feels nice, not a lot of kids my age probably get the chance,” Cara said. “I feel proud and it has also helped her fear of being in public.”

Morgan also mentioned Cara and explained how she is “happy about her being in the play and how she’s growing as a person.” Cara has had the help of the cast supporting her.

The crew seems always to have each other's back. When someone has accidentally forgotten a line, crewmates won’t let them just stand. They’ll pick them up and carry on with the performance. Morgan talked about how working on the performance has helped them work on many skills such as memorization, improv, and getting out of their comfort zone. They are a wonderful group of students who put their hearts into their work which they will show off to the public later this week.

Cami mentioned she is proud that “God has really brought me here, and any success is all thanks to him, no one would ever be where they are without God. Just glad more of the community will get to see what we are doing here.”

Each performance that they hold is slightly different from others. Small differences that happen each night make each performance truly unique. Members of the community should definitely come to see the play because all the crew has worked diligently together to have fun and hold a good performance that will make the audience smile.

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