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Retired Cop and Business Owner Thankful for Local Medical Teams


CLARE, Mich. – Retired police officer turned business co-owner Alan “Bubba” White experienced a recent health scare that required a trip to the emergency room at MyMichigan Medical Center Clare and four days as an inpatient. Over the course of a year prior, White had modified his diet in order to lose weight not realizing the effect it could have on his potassium levels or what that might mean.

Thanks to his primary care provider Kurt Boyd, F.N.P.-B.C., M.S.N., the expert care from MyMichigan’s emergency team and the subsequent attention during his hospital stay, White is back on a healthy track and feeling grateful.

White is well known in the Clare community having been a police officer there for more than 30 years. Once retired, he and his friends opened Cops and Doughnuts which is located close the Medical Center. In fact, the shop has sent doughnuts to the MyMichigan staff over the years to show appreciation for the work they do to help keep the community healthy.

“We appreciate Medical Center staff as a vital part of our community,” said White. “With my recent first-hand experience, I’m even more appreciative; the care I received was excellent. The whole team was incredible.”

White had been feeling light-headed and lethargic with no appetite. He couldn’t identify the cause, so he checked in with Boyd who agreed that White didn’t look well and immediately ordered blood tests. Within 30 minutes of receiving the laboratory results, he phoned White and told him he needed to get to the emergency department immediately.

“He didn’t want me driving myself there, but I was already driving,” said White, not understanding the severity of his situation until he saw the MyMichigan staff hustling around him in the emergency department. His potassium level had bottomed out and put him in critical condition. “Staff got to work on me immediately, and I realized that my situation was pretty serious,” he added.

Potassium is needed by the body to keep nerves, muscles and the heart working well, so keeping potassium-rich foods part of one’s diet is extremely important. If potassium levels are low for an extended period of time, the effects can be severe.

“Mr. White’s potassium level was dangerously low, and his kidneys began to fail,” said Erik Nimbley, M.D. “It was a good thing he came to us when he did so we could raise his levels and avoid long-term damage to his kidneys, heart and muscles.”

White was impressed by his emergency team and the additional care he received at the Medical Center. He expected excellence and was not disappointed. “The staff was attentive, concerned and watchful,” shared White.

Everyone I encountered was great. Another thing that was great was the food – that was a pleasant surprise. I had to ask a nurse ‘when did hospital food become good?’"

White did share one downside to his recent encounter. As a familiar face within the community, it was tough having Medical Center personnel recognize him when he couldn’t do the same because of masking protocols. “I understand that there are masking rules in place for a reason,” he said. “Still, it was challenging not being able to see the faces and smiles of the people working so hard to take care of me,” he shared. “Even now, staff come into the shop and ask me how I’m doing - which I appreciate so much - but I don’t always recognize them from my stay. I want everyone there to know how grateful I am: nurses, providers, emergency staff, housekeeping. I may not register their faces, but I’m truly thankful for their expert care. We are a fortunate community to have them here.”

Those in a need of health care provider may call MyMichigan Health Line toll-free at (800) 999-3199. Those interested in more information on the Medical Center in Clare may visit


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