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Reader Concerned by Intersection


I read the copy of the City Council minutes in last week's Cleaver on the lower half of the front page and noted especially the two topics of roadways. One re: the extension of Weldon Drive and the intersection of Townline and North Clare Avenue.

The two items put me in mind of the highly dangerous intersection of South Clare Avenue, Mostetler Road and Grant Avenue and the many, many letters to the editor, letters to the Clare County Highway Commission, and the Michigan State Police I have written.

I can't recall any of these items making the front page. This intersection without any doubt, is the most dangerous intersection in Harrison as well as much of Clare County.

I offer a challenge to the reader. Take a half hour or so, park in the lot of the corner party store and observe the traffic flow at Mostetler, Grant and South Clare Avenue. At one time or another, I have experienced a dangerous situation here. The pattern: there is heavy traffic going north into Harrison as well heavy traffic heading south out of Harrison. Too often, traffic is still driving fast coming from the south and doesn't slow down until they have passed the Family Fare.

There is a car heading west on Mostetler waiting for traffic to clear.; traffic waiting at Grant Avenue to clear; there is traffic coming from the north wanting to make a left turn onto Mostetler… and to make a quick left turn again onto Grant. Massive confusion. There is traffic coming from the north on Grant to make a right turn onto Clare Avenue (and God help them)… clear enough traffic to make a highly dangerous left turn south onto South Clare Avenue.

The very best solution is a traffic light or a stop sign on Mostetler at Grant treating it as a 4-way stop.

All this is highly dangerous to drivers in ALL directions.

This is still hard for me to believe. I wrote a letter several years to the Michigan State Police, in their reply, it was stated that they had kept records since 2010 and there were ONLY 2 fatalities there!

To me, one fatality is TOO many.

In all my 67 summers here, I have NEVER experienced any support nor follow up regarding this dangerous intersection.

James A. Crawford

New Lothrop


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