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Multiple Agencies Contain Mercury Spill at Lake Post Office


Clare County Office of Emergency Services & Homeland Security Division Press Release

On May 15, 2023, at approximately 09:00 a.m. Clare County 911 received a phone call reporting a possible Mercury spill at the Lake Post Office at 8959 South Lake Station Ave.

Garfield Twp. Fire Rescue was dispatched along with EMS to the location.

The postal employees reported that they had been sorting mail in the rear of the facility and loading into wheeled carts for distribution on the back loading area, when they discovered what appeared to be Mercury spilling from one of the packages in the cart onto the ground below.

The potential mercury spilled inside the building and outside on the loading area.

The employee’s morning routine is to walk over and visit the local convenience store, located adjacent to the Post Office before venturing out on their routes.

Since the extent of the contamination is still being determined the convenience store was also isolated and closed as well as the post office.

Temporary Evacuation was requested from adjacent residents as to not expose them to potential fumes from the mercury, the intersection was also cordoned off, so vehicle traffic is not interfering with HazMat crews on scene.

At this time there is not a hazard to the area as it is contained on site.

Isabella HazMat Team, US Postal Officials, Garfield Twp. Fire Dept., Central Michigan Department of Public Health, and EMS Mobile Medical Response remain on scene conducting survey and planning cleanup activities.

Five (5) US Postal workers and Two (2) Convenience Store employees are being medically evaluated and checked for contamination.

No adverse health effects are being reported at this time by any of those exposed.

The local hospital has been alerted and is preparing to receive patients if needed.

The US Postal service has determined that the package originated at the Detroit Terminal, and they are back tracking to establish if any breach of the package occurred before it arrived at the Lake Location.


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