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Longer Table Brings Something Special

It’s a Wish, It’s a Memory…and Magic


HARRISON – Mother and daughter duo Tammy and Trisha Galloway are about to launch their special blend of tradition and innovation when they open their new storefront location along Second Street in the Harrison City Market. The storefront ribbon-cutting/grand opening is slated for 3-7 p.m. Saturday, May 14 and these two entrepreneurs are eager to welcome the public into their very-pink-themed establishment.

It won’t just be all color fun, however, but also a place where customers can choose to dine indoors or outdoors/streetside, something more frequently found in larger cities.

Tammy said she always wanted to do something in the restaurant/catering scene, and at Valentine’s Day 2021 she decided to “just jump in and do it.” Quickly realizing she would need some help, Trisha sought out her mother who had always made cakes for the family. Noting her grandmother had been a top pastry chef and cake decorator who passed on her cake decorating knowledge to Tammy, Trisha said when her business took off with chocolate, cannolis, etc., it was a simple choice to bring her mom into the business.

When creative cook Trisha realized she needed to expand her cottage license catering business, the next step was obtaining a food license which allowed for use of the Market’s commercial kitchen.

“Then we got a spot at the Market, and now we’re going to have a storefront within the Market,” Trisha said. “The Market has been super instrumental in helping us expand.”

The business will retain use of the Market kitchen, and the storefront will include a full cooler for displaying product.

“And there’s a lot of pink,” she said. “We’re bringing a little pink to Harrison.”

Trisha explained their desire was to have an area where people could come to relax, get a quick bite to eat, and see what the business has to offer. She said the business also will have special events in conjunction with the Harrison City Market; one thing they are excited to launch is high teas.

Tammy said something special she would like to offer is a class on decorating sugar Easter egg (with interior scene) geared mostly to children … “something to get the kids involved.”

“That’s our whole goal,” Tammy said. “We’re trying to offer food items and activities you can’t get readily in our town.”

Trisha said the business started out with sweets, then launched their charcuterie and appetizers – both well-received and leading to catering events and weddings.

The duo is also gearing up for graduation season, and will be launching other forms of catering, such as for specialty meals and family reunions.

“Our goal for the storefront is to have a rotating menu targeted toward lunch and brunch,” Trisha said. “There’s not really a spot in Harrison you can go to get different brunch items. We’re going to be launching and offering that once we’re fully open.”

Tammy made certain to speak of how they’ve been received by the community.

“Harrison has really opened their arms to us,” she said. “We are residents of Harrison, but everyone has been so kind and so supportive of us. That’s how we decided we needed a storefront. We really wanted to stay in Harrison … and it’s worked out very well.”

“We’re really excited to get the finalized sign put up with Longer Table,” Trisha said. “And get our patio area set up, because I really do think there’s such a charm, especially on that street where we’re located. When I look out the window and see people walking by, it’s such a nostalgic and comforting feeling. When we get our sign up and our patio area set, it’s not only going to bring a little pink, but have a really good impact on the community as a whole.”

Tammy said they also are excited to work with the other small businesses on the street and look forward to perhaps tying the businesses in on holiday projects/activities.

“We have a lot of ideas we’re throwing back and forth,” Tammy said. “And we’re very happy we’re where we are.”

Trisha learned much of her cooking prowess from her father (who occasionally assists with cooking) and said her favorite thing is cannolis because they remind her of her late grandparents.

“Whenever I make them, I think of when I was a kid and my grandparents stopping and getting the cannolis at our favorite bakery,” she said. “And I think it’s amazing that people are stopping to get our cannolis to give to their family.”

Trisha also explained the origin of the business’s name, Longer Table.

“It’s kind of cheesy, but it’s been something I’ve written down since I was a teenager having pipe dreams,” she said. “There was this quote that instantly reminded me of my grandma and my house growing up. It’s ‘we need longer tables, not higher fences.’ In my house, my parents never said no about friends staying for dinner, at holidays it was never ‘no’ it was just add another plate – we’ll put another leaf in. I think any event you have, you can always use a longer table.”

Trisha said she also is asked why she wanted to do this business, what does she want people to feel when they come into the store.

“I can think back to when I was little,” she said. “[For] any holiday, any special event, any birthday, Earth Day at school – anything – my mom was always at the table at night when everyone went to sleep. She was decorating mini sleds made of candy or putting together chocolate pretzels with bright color contrast. She was doing it to make it special, and I remember as a kid at any event or holiday, walking in and seeing the magic of what my mom put together.

“I think that’s our goal – when somebody walks into Longer Table, we want them to not only feel at home, but to feel the magic.”

Longer Table will be open Wednesday through Sunday, with extended hours on Fridays when the bands are playing at the Town Square (which will include Friday Night Specials with the Band). Hours are anticipated to be 1-4 p.m., with a possibility of extended hours in the summer.


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