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Letter to the Editor-Reader Urges BOC: Focus on Valid Issues


I read your reporting concerning the Clare County Board of Commissioners adopting a proposed "2nd Amendment Sanctuary" resolution.

What is the intent of such a resolution? Is the county BOC stating that should our duly elected legislators in Lansing enact laws that the county BOC disagrees with, that it will elect not to enforce those laws? Thankfully, the county BOC lacks all authority in that regard. The county prosecutor has full authority to decide what facts constitute crimes, based on laws of the State of Michigan. If such resolution does say that the county BOC will elect not to enforce laws that it disagrees with, the resolution will be in direct contravention of the commissioners' oaths of office, given that those oaths contain a solemn vow to support the laws and constitutions (federal and state).

Aside from the futility of enacting a resolution on something that you have zero authority over, all polls show that a majority of voters, from all parties, favor sensible gun control measures, such as red flag laws, and laws requiring that firearms be secured to avoid toddlers from shooting each other. I would expect our legislature to enact common sense measures to preserve life, none of which infringe someone's "sacred" right to carry a firearm. This state has legal open carry, stand your ground laws, and must-issue concealed pistol licenses. The only threat to your Second Amendment rights is wholly imaginary, and a product of the constant barrage of fear-mongering from those with a direct interest in selling firearms.

Enacting a Second Amendment sanctuary law, would place Clare County on the map with such august names as Sheriff Dar Leaf, who is an embarrassment to Michigan as a whole. I am sorry if sarcasm doesn't translate in writing, but this is a club that we voters of Clare County do not want to join.

My humble request to the county board of commissioners is to work on things that they have authority over, and toward alleviating real problems that residents have.

Jaynie Hoerauf



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