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Letter to the Editor-Our newest Dollar General


Our newest Dollar General

Yay! Another Dollar General. More tax revenue for the city, more jobs. But does the good outweigh the bad?

Dollar Generals have started to dominate the landscape, selling convenience and cheap goods. However, many lawsuits have been brought against the company including unfair labor practices, unsafe working conditions, toxic runoff during construction, hazardous waste disposal.

I am a new resident of Harrison but grew up in Houghton Lake. I have seen how the landscape has changed there with the addition of dollar stores and Walmart. Many businesses have closed and those that remain open are struggling.

What do we want our community to look like? I enjoy Harrison for its small-town feel, the lakes, the trees, the local markets. When I tell people that I live in Harrison, they ask me: Have you been to Steve’s Market, the Jackpine, the new Trail’s End? I have never heard an out-of-towner tell me what a great Dollar General we have. And now we have three.

According to our city manager, under the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, any legal business that meets city ordinance requirements has the right to build. Dollar General submitted their site plan, it was reviewed and approved by our city planning commission.

So how do we as citizens of Harrison protect our community from corporate retailers who do not have our best interests in mind?

Vikki Paulus



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