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Goddess Studio Art Reveal a Tribute to Earth, Feminine Energy

Local Photography Studio is a Special Place for Women


HARRISON – Four artists came together Saturday, Sept. 9 along with friends and clients of Genevieve Wolfrum for an art reception and to reveal a new feature at the studio. Wolfrum is the owner and photographer of Picture Perfect Studio and Goddess Studio Boudoir Photography.

Each artist, selected and hired by Wolfrum painted a side of her new building which houses wardrobe and accessories of the Goddess Studio.

“The theme was Gaia and the Goddess,” Wolfrum said. “Gaia is just another name for earth and goddess is about feminine energy intertwined with nature and women coming together to support each other, uplift each other and hire each other.

“I didn’t give them much direction other than the theme.”

As Wolfrum was trying to choose the paint color for the building, her partner, Matt Baldwin, suggested a mural. Wolfrum loved the idea and ran with it. After a few lessons from one of her artists, Wolfrum was also inspired and she painted the deck and the door of the building herself.

The studios are set on the property of Baldwin and Wolfrum’s home near Leota. The new building itself sits directly under a beautiful, 120-plus year-old white pine. 

The Goddess Studio wardrobe is also beautiful on the inside, full of shoes, clothes, vintage clothing, lingerie and accessories that women can chose to be photographed in.

 “Capturing that goddess essence, that feminine energy, every woman has that. There is something about every woman that I deeply admire,” Wolfrum explained of how her approach at photographing women brings out the goddess qualities of women in her work.

Goddess Studio is more than just a photography studio.

“I also do events for women. I do things that bring women together and just be. They don’t have to bring a dish to pass because that’s work, we do that all the time. You just come and enjoy, laugh, let go. There is no kids and no men around.”

Wolfrum also offers a regular yoga class at 4:30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays, and has offered art, belly dancing and other inspiring events.

“I look for women that I can collaborate with,” she said. “I can’t deliver everything. I collaborate with women to bring art classes, a temple. It gives women a chance to do something and be recognized for it, to present themselves.

“I love bringing women together and helping them to discover how amazing they are. As women, we are in a constant state of doing for others. This place is for women to be. As they are. Just show up. Be who you are, as you are.”

The property is full of whimsical, natural features and a few curious chickens. Fairy rings, grapevines circling a fire ring, flowers and even a little redwood tree Wolfrum is nursing that she envisions growing for hundreds of years.

The property isn’t completely female. Several years ago, when a storm downed many trees in the area several went down on the property. One tree trunk was turned into a statue of General Leonidas, king of the Greek city-state Sparta. Baldwin, along with Leonidas is the masculine energy of the property. Several other tree trunks live on as a goddess and Bigfoot.

Incidentally, the name Genevieve means leader of women and in French of the race of women which perfectly describes Wolfrum and the spaces she has created.


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