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Friends Ministry Shares 2021 Highlights


Friends Ministry wants to take a moment to say thank you. God blessed us with an amazing year in every area of ministry. Our Thrift Stores had a great year in sales, and we are incredibly grateful for the donations we receive from our community. Through your support Friends was able to help many in need.

In 2021 we gave over 100 vouchers for Thrift Store items like clothing and furniture. These vouchers were for households, which equate to hundreds of people receiving much needed items. We also gave $800 in gas assistance. This helped our community get to work or doctor’s appointments. Nearly $4,000 went to help keep electricity on, propane filled, and homes warm in 2021 as well.

In Friends Community Garden we had close to 50 contracts that generated over $14,000. This is money that people earned while working in our garden, and was applied to bills or debts, to help our community in financially tight situations.

During the summer, churches from out of town worked on our Helping Hands Projects. Eighteen different projects were done for our community, totaling over $6,000 in material costs. These ranged from yardwork, handrails and replacing leaky faucets to new flooring, handicap ramps, and new windows. They helped members in our community who are disable, on a fixed income, or financially strained get the help needed to live with better quality of life.

Friends Ministry ended the year by showing appreciation to the multiple communities we are a part of by giving $1,500 to the schools in Lake City, McBain, Evart, Marion and Harrison. Lake City used these funds towards their new wellness center. McBain public put the funds towards their backpack program. Northern Michigan Christian School’s music program benefited from the funds. Marion and Harrison both used the funds to buy new playground equipment for their elementary. Evart split the funds between the elementary, middle and high schools.

This is a small glimpse of the work accomplished at Friends Ministry. A small glimpse of the love God has for you. “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). In Him we have life and hope and purpose, and we would love to share this with you! We look forward to helping our community in 2022. Make 2022 the year you join us in receiving and sharing the love God has for you!


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