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District 6 Primary Results to Stand

Primary Recount Completed in Short Order


HARRISON – The extremely close Aug. 4 Primary Election vote count between Republicans David Hoefling, incumbent District 6 county commissioner (220 votes), and challenger Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh (223 votes) led Hoefling to request a recount. That recount, done by the Clare County Board of Canvassers, was conducted Monday, Aug. 31 at Harrison City Hall.

Three days were set aside for the recount, due to the fact that the counting had to be done by hand and would be including rigorous checking for any cross-ballot voting that may have been missed or any other indications a vote had been misdirected. Yet, contrary to expectations, the count which began at 9 a.m. Monday was completed by 1 p.m.

The recount found only one additional vote for Hoefling and there was no change for Asplund-Walsh, thus leaving the election lost by the even narrower margin of two votes.

Also running for the District 6 commissioner spot were Republicans Ken Raupp who garnered 104 votes, and Bill Schuh who received 169 votes.

County Clerk Lori Martin explained that ballots from two of the five townships could not be recounted due to discrepencies.

“We were only able to recount three of the five townships,” Martin said. “Two of them are not recountable. One township had the number of ballots and the number of voters didn’t match. Then another township, the seal number on their ballot bag was not the same seal number as was recorded on election night, so they couldn’t recount it.”

Martin said the seal number problem was the result of not understanding that once sealed, the ballot bag could not be reopened. When more things were needed to be added to the bag, the seal was broken, items added, and a new seal was affixed – unknowingly making that township not recountable.

Martin said she intended to post the results on the county website Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Asplund-Walsh will be the only major party candidate on the Nov. 3 General Election ballot for Distrist 6.


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