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City Sees Grant Work, Sewer Rate Increase, More


Cleaver Senior Staff Writer

HARRISON – The May 20 meeting of Harrison City Council was a straightforward affair, with adoption of May 6 meeting minutes and approval of the day’s bills. Mayor Dan Sullivan offered his oft noted gratitude to those at City Hall for all their work, to the departments, and to Council members for all the work they had put in over the previous weekend and since the last meeting. He also noted the many things that are happening in town, and that there has been a lot of positive feedback

“It’s great,” Sullivan said. “Keep it going.”

The meeting then moved to the audit report presented by Shelly Browing of Weinlander-Fitzhugh, which was without modification and showed the City to be in good stead.

Other visitors included former Council member Don Kolander, who began by thanking Council for all its hard work, adding that “Our little town isn’t so little anymore,” and that expansion will make the town a booming economy. He further expressed concern regarding the new Biggby Coffee business, and his belief that patrons would be using the residential street on the west to access the business. City Manager/Clerk Justin Cavanaugh advised that he would provide Kolander’s phone number and email address to the business owner so this concern could be discussed, as well as Kolander’s question regarding planned lighting and security. Kolander also thanked Council for all the hard work being done, noting he had never before seen so much growth. He also requested that Sam Russell, DPW supervisor, consider placing Eastlawn Street on the list for future paving bids.

Steve Smith from the Cranberry Lake area posed a question about replacement of a code enforcement officer for his area, and was informed it was out of the City’s prevue and was a Hayes Township concern. Smith cited non-response to his various efforts to get information and voiced his displeasure with the state of code enforcement in his area.

The reports of committees and department heads began with Russell, who described the work done to spruce the town for Memorial Weekend, including placing pole flags, flower planter pots, and cemetery touch-up. Work continued on the Remedy parking lots, and a plan is in place to move forward on that project. Council member Bob Stewart asked that Russell extend Council’s thanks to his crew for the work being done there, and the speed with which work is being done.

The fire department report noted 149 runs year-to-date, and SCBA bottles were sent to be hydro-tested [which is required every five years].

Justin Cavanaugh reported being close to finalizing the grant agreement paperwork for The Venue [formerly Harrison City Market] to be used for purchases. He also noted the required minimum of three proposals required for the Park Grant, which will be provided for Council’s selection at the next meeting. Cavanaugh further informed of the previous week’s Master Plan Workshop, noting there was a good turnout of citizens asking good questions and sharing good feedback.

Moving on to New Business, Council moved to:

-Adopt resolution 2024-08 City Sewer Rate Increase of $5 as of July 1, 2024, with an additional $5 increase in December.

-Adopt Resolution 2024-09 Delinquent Property Transfer Affidavit Fee which is required by state law [which the City had not been charging] in the amount of $5 per day.

-Approve the re-obligation of ARPA Funds from Sewer to the General Fund.

-Approve the sale of Oak Street Lots 5 and 6 for $6,000 [listed at $10,000].

-Approve the sale of the 2018 Tahoe with a starting bid of $15,000 with bidding open for one month.

-Approve COH-002-City of Harrison Expenditures Policy establishing a process for buying and selling with limits preset.

Prior to approving that motion, Mayor Pro Tem Angela Kellogg-Henry offered the following comment on the policy.

“This is so thorough and well done,” she said. “When I was reading through it, I was very impressed with this document. And I think it lends a lot to the City for transparency and for keeping us on the right track.”

Council will meet next at 6 p.m. Monday, June 3 at Harrison City Hall, 2105 Sullivan Drive.


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