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Amish Cook-Guacamole Salsa


When it comes to avocados, not everyone's face lights up like mine. I used to wonder what those 'things' are. I didn't know how they were prepared, much less how they tasted. Never did I imagine I would rely on them so much one day!

This is what happened. My friend, who I had told you about several years ago, was diagnosed with cancer, she was faced with many decisions. Some of you out there know what it feels like to have that dreaded title under your name. Besides emotional drama, there are always decisions to be made. By God's grace my friend completely changed her diet (including introducing avocados), pursued more healthy resources, and most of all, set her face to seek the Lord in the midst of it all. Today she is radiant and healthy; there is nothing left but to thank God for his work.

Her story motivated me to take a deeper look into what we all enjoy so much- eating! A baby doesn't need to be old until he's ready to eat and at the age of 90, most of us still enjoy eating! So, what difference does it make what I eat? Does it matter at all?

I don't have the answers to all the ideas and theories out there. Don't we all need to find what works for us personally?

I've noticed that the more I focus on what I want to eat, the less satisfied I am; and the more I think about the foods God made for me, the more these natural foods become gifts. I have been challenged so many times as I observe my friend; I have never seen anyone with a stricter diet than her, neither have I seen anybody as thankful for their food. Amazing. Isn't that how God works- all we give up in life comes right back to bless us!

Many times, since Daniel has passed this friend and her sister, have blessed us with fresh veggies including what is now my favorite- avocados!

We now buy avocados by the case and store them in the fridge. I am drawn to this whole food with a remarkable healthy fat content. At first, I did not even offer them to the children. Don't children naturally want to be like Mom?

Now I love watching those little hands reaching for an avocado half, then concentrating as they carefully shake salt over it. For those who don't care for the taste they like putting homemade dip in the cavity where the stone was. Their favorite way of eating avocados is chocolate pudding. I half a couple of them and scoop the pulp from the peeling, placing it into a blender with some sweetener, a dash of coconut oil, some peanut butter, milk, salt, and plenty of cocoa; it results in a creamy chocolate pudding. It is yummy eaten plain, in a pie, or served as a dip.

If you're not into chocolate, you may want to try our "green dip". Again, I start out with several avocados, a handful spinach, a bell pepper, a bit lemon juice to help preserve the color, and seasonings such as salt, garlic pepper, onion powder, or whatever. If you don't care for the lemon tang, just place your seed back in the dip, as it naturally helps keep it from turning brown. It's also yummy on a sandwich, or if you're like me, alongside any hot dish. I love watching two-year-old Joshua get his mouth a messy green as he dips his veggies into the dip, knowing it's building his brain at a crucial age.

It was interesting to observe how the children who ate more avocados also got a clearer complexion.

How about wrapping up a guacamole recipe? If you are not sold tomatoes, just omit them or, replace with something like cucumber dices.


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