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Amish Cook-Emergency Biscuits


Spring is bursting in splendor. Birds sing the sweetest of songs in melodious chirps, grass is growing tall enough to mow, and the garden is being tilled. Spring. Could life be any better than in this season of new beginnings?

Fourteen years ago, on one of those days of spring perfection, I stood beside the man I adored and loved; I became his wife after promising I would love him for all of his days and care for him to the best of my ability.

 The following spring we excitedly awaited the birth of our firstborn, Julia.  Ten years after that, on a spring day, Daniel and I took our turns at court, testifying for our precious foster children to be added as a forever part of our family. It did not matter who was adopted and who was not, we were family. Then a year later on a perfect spring day we were all working together in the chestnut grove. “Life is almost perfect,” I declared, beaming at my beloved. He enjoyed it as much as any of us, it was what we had dreamed of for so long.

 Several days later life had a quick change of events, Daddy was called home to Jesus. We sobbed and we grieved, yet we rejoiced with deep joy- Daddy was already in heaven where we were all planning to go, he just got there a step ahead of us.

 The days melted into weeks and months. Almost two years have passed since then, the One whom we cannot even see has carried us where we could not walk, and gave hope where there was none.

 I’ve got to tell you one little thing that happened just last week. We were at my parent’s house for supper. We relished the food from Mom’s table- one of my favorites, a breakfast menu for supper. Still in the back of my mind I knew we’d soon need to go home, in order to do the chores before dark. Yes, flashlights have their place, but who likes choring in the dark?

I didn’t feel like going home just yet; something I’ve been missing conversations with adults. Chatter with children is precious, yet a steady diet of it gets you ready for others on your level as well. So, while the children played I settled down in the cozy living room of Mom and Dad’s cabin and enjoyed the moment.

It wasn’t long until I decided wisdom would tell us to head on home before it’s pitch dark. That’s what we did. Arriving at home Julia took two children to the house while the other three went choring with me.

I had milked the goat when the rain clouds moved west, and the sky lightened, providing plenty of light for me to go feed the sheep and the boys to put in the ducks and feed the rabbits.

“Children, look! Remember what God promised? He’s a father to the fatherless! He gave us ample light to see!”

“He’s also a husband to the widow!” Austin added. My heart again filled with joy as I walked down the chestnut field toward the sheep. Yes, we are given more than enough to keep on with life abundant. His supply will never reach the point of exhaustion, no matter what our feelings may tell us during those hard times.

Looking back over past years, there is so much to ponder, looking in the future we don’t know even a single detail, but that’s okay. God’s got it- every little detail.

Lastly, I'll be giving you a recipe for Mom's biscuits. We have made many batches of these simple no-fuss biscuits.


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