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Editor's Note:  Glora's Mother-in-Law, Lydia Yoder, is writing a special column this week.  Gloria returns next week.

A memorable and precious day occurred for us on August 28, 1988, thirty-five years ago when God blessed us with our beloved son Daniel to love and nurture in the admonition of our Lord.

To God be the honor for his Godly examples, and testimony he left behind which inspires us to be faithful in our journey of life. Sixteen days before he left us he remarked to a friend, “I have nothing to hide I'd be ready to meet God.” This has been a great comfort to us.

Before Daniel passed, he asked me, “Would you write the column sometime?” I was skeptical about it, but now as his birthday draws closer, I desired to write as he had requested.

To all of you who have family and friends, appreciate them for you know not what the future holds. Daniel was here one day then gone the next, leaving our hearts bleeding and broken crying out to God to help us and our family, especially for Gloria and her 6 little ones. God has helped us one step at a time, holding on to his many promises. One thing that has really comforted me is Romans 8:28. “All things work together for good...” Even though it’s been hard, and we miss him a lot God has given us grace to surrender again and again then given his peace and strength to accept his perfect plan which brings healing and comfort.

The children are still being molded by Daniel’s foundational teaching and under Gloria’s constant watchful and loving care. We are especially grateful for her teaching them Godly principles.

Gloria keeps teaching and training her children in good work ethics. It’s already very noticeable how well the children can take on greater responsibilities making her workload lighter. It’s been a concern that she doesn’t overdo herself; family and church family have also been a huge blessing with helping. I sincerely want to thank all who blessed their family with cards, letters, money, packages and words of encouragement since dear Daniel went to his perfect unending vacation in heaven.

Recently when we were there Hosanna and I were in the entrance, and as I was sweeping, Hosanna picked up a pair of shoes and said, “these were Daddy’s shoes”. In a glance I took it all in seeing they were actually Daniel’s Sunday shoes he wore the evening before his accident. It brought back memories, and feelings of sadness. Then I heard Hosanna say,” We are 1 day closer to heaven then we were yesterday!” Oh yes that’s right, it brought my focus to the eternal again and cheered me up right then and there. How amazing coming from a seven-year-old. Later Gloria kindly told Hosanna to put the shoes back where Daddy had put them. These little things show us the adoration Gloria still has for Daniel. She was his sweetheart and the love of his heart, after twelve years of marriage.

We are also grateful for the 5 min walk through the woods to Gloria’s house. We have enjoyed having them here for meals. The children are really growing and so are their appetites, which makes cooking for them more delightful when you see that sparkle in their eye when they see food! I told Gloria I’d take care of the children for a few hours on Thursdays unless something else comes up. I enjoy planning what I could do to make it special for them. It is amazing how snack time is always a highlight for them. When they are happy it splashes sunshine on me.

My mind goes back to a few months ago when Hosanna, Jesse, and Elijah were feeling sorry for us. They told Gloria they want to get a gift bag ready for us because our son died. Then here they come all excited, little eyes watched me as I peered into the gift bag. The sympathy card was signed by all three, here was a candle for Ephraim and one for me, 3 books to read to them, a note pad & a few other items.

Remarking on some things I asked, “How did you know I needed that?”  Their faces beamed. It brought joy to them seeing how happy this made me. Already they are sharing the comfort to others- because of God’s and others’ comfort to them through their journey with grief.

Julia, eleven, sometimes says,” Grandma, if there’s anything I can do to help you let me know.” She has helped me out many times.  Austin is also helpful in running errands for me, saving my time and energy.

Little Joshua with his golden curly hair, and bright blue eyes and ready smiles reminds us of Daniel when he was little, which gives extra comfort to Ephraim and I.

And talking about recipes, our garden is producing an abundance of zucchini. I made this recipe often, as our six sons and daughter were growing up. My 91-year-old dear mother in Ohio sent this into a newspaper and later it was printed into a recipe book complied by the newspaper cook.


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