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For the past several years The Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel Clare County Chapter has been involved in fundraising activities with monies going to support students in Clare County education programs. MARSP CCC has provided a donation to Mid Michigan College for its scholarship fund on a yearly basis, as well as a scholarship to a graduating high school senior in Clare County. For the 2023-2024 school year MARSP CCC made a decision to continue its donation to the Mid Michigan Scholarship Fund and also to participate in Donor’s Choose. Donors Choose provides grants to applicants within the public education systems based on criteria established by the MARSP CCC organization. The grant was open to any public school personnel working with students at least 75% of their day. The intent was to affect a larger number of students in the Clare County Area.

This year’s recipient of the Donor’s Choose Grant was Clare High School teacher James Winkler. He teaches biology and his Donors Choose application requested funds to purchase a DJI microphone to go with the camera his students use to record projects both in biology and extra-curricular school-related activities. The microphone will improve the audio on their project recordings and consequently better share their information with the community at large. He reported that his project will have an impact on 50 students in the Clare Public Schools.

Congratulations to James and the students who will benefit from this microphone.


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