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Purple Panther Catnip-Locally Grown

Purple Panther Catnip available at the Clare County Cleaver office in Harrison  and Elm Creek LTD in Farwell.

100% natural grown in Harrison Michigan. Premium catnip. FB @PURPLEPANTHERCATNIP

Purple Panther Catnip Shake & Bake Recipe

  1. Buy a bag of Purple Panther Catnip
  2. Transfer it to a quart size sandwich baggie
  3. Toss in a cat toy and shake to coat
  4. Present freshly "marinated" toy to kitty
  5. Enjoy the show!

Locally grown in Harrison, Mi, chemical and pesticide free. Available at the Clare County Cleaver office in Harrison or Elm Creek in Farwell.

Posted 7/11/2022