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The Lynx Indoor Golf Offers Year-Round Virtual Golf, Axe-Throwing

Another New Business Swings Its Way into Harrison



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HARRISON – Nothing stunts the hard-earned freedom of summer like being stuck inside on a rainy day when you might rather be outdoors on the lush greens of a peaceful golf course, listening to the soft breeze and melodic whistles of birds. Harrison's newest business will provide the opportunity to reinvent those rainy days, as well as provide an indoor refuge on those unruly summer days dismayed by the sweltering heat.

The Lynx Indoor Golf officially opened its doors Wednesday, July 3 for a soft opening – just in time for the holiday week. Laura and Leif Smith have been working hard to transform their building located at 215 N. Second St. The exterior has received a superb facelift, and the indoors have been transformed to host two indoor golf simulators and a virtual axe-throwing lane.

“The building fell in our lap, and we were trying to figure out what to put in here,” Laura Smith shared, describing their journey to opening of their highly anticipated business. “Our kids like to travel, and they have played this indoor golf and said to me, ‘Mom, there’s not a lot in this town, can you do something like this?’ And I said, ‘sure, why not,’ and I have been learning every step of the way since.”

The Trackman golf simulators are an extremely versatile system offering some incredible features for avid and new golfers alike. They are international and all interlinked.

Laura’s husband and building owner, Leif, explained some of the exciting features of the Trackman golf simulator system.

“One of your friends can be playing in Lansing, and you can be playing with them right here in Harrison,” he said. “If your friend comes in and plays a round, you can put in their ID and you will be able to play against them even if they are not there.”

The system hosts a wide variety of games, and there is also a trainer on the program. The trainer will help a person custom fit their clubs and will offer corrections so they can adjust their swing.

“They say if you do 18 swings a day, every day, you will be better than 93% of the people,” Laura said.

There are worldwide tournaments that take place each month that patrons can sign up for and play on their state-of-the-art system. The Smiths also are planning to host some in-house tournaments with some in mind during the upcoming street fair.

As you step onto the green of the simulator, the program creates an incredibly realistic façade of being on a real golf course green, and it even enhances the experience with peaceful echoes of the outdoors in surround sound.

Laura and Leif’s son, Kane, is certified for Trackman ball flight analysis and will be a great asset to customers in utilizing the simulator to its full potential, as well as improving their golf games. He is also currently working on obtaining certification to be able to cut down and custom fit golf clubs. Laura and Leif noted that the next closest place to get clubs custom fit is in Grand Rapids, making this a highly valued and opportune service that will soon be available right here in Harrison.

The screens are highly versatile and can be utilized for movies or sporting events. The room will be available for rentals, and they may even host events such as movie screenings or Super Bowl parties. Some sophisticated whiskey barrel tables will be coming in, and there will be a curtain if customers choose to separate the two lanes within the space for privacy.

They are also looking to offer a member’s program offering the abilitiy to access the facility outside of business hours.

“The program would allow members to come in before or after hours and just go up there and play,” Laura said. “So, if somebody works late hours and can’t get here until after we close, they can still come in and play and relax after work. So that will be nice for members.”

The indoor axe-throwing range offers three varieties of axes, from beginning level up to competition throwing styles, available for use in the virtual lane. They also have a cover coming in for the axe throwing lane where children will be able to use Nerf guns. Games tables are available for this children’s feature, such as shooting zombies. That space also will be available for party rentals.

Although in the very early stages of their business with their soft opening, the Smiths have a dynamic vision for the future that will keep patrons excited for years to come. The couple also are working on obtaining their liquor license, which can take up to six months or more, and hope to expand and add to the building over time, including an indoor virtual archery range.

Reservations will be available soon with a calendar listed on their website: Walk-ins will of course be welcome, but customers are encouraged to keep an eye on the website and check the calendar for availability.

As they work toward their grand opening anticipated for Aug. 1, be sure to like and follow their Facebook page, The Lynx Indoor Golf Course, to stay in the know as they expand and grow. Any inquiries can be made via Facebook Messenger or via phone at 989-368-1112.

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