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Taxation without representation


I paid my non-homestead property taxes last week, a bi-annual reminder of "Taxation without representation" and further evidence that because an item is the law..... it is not necessarily a fair or just law. 

It is difficult to again acknowledge the fairness of a law that demonstrates EXTREME partiality between citizens.

I remind readers that even though I pay taxes for the city of Harrison, Hayes Township, Harrison Community Schools and Clare County, I have no voice in how my taxes are spent but by someone for whom I have no vote, makes that decision due to the unjust non-homestead property tax law.

Using an example. Assuming 2 properties (in Harrison) of equal taxable value.  If the owner is a resident of Harrison, that owner will pay a tax at 40% LESS than the owner of property owned by someone who is NOT a Harison resident! who will pay 100%.  I am still trying to make sense of the partiality of this taxation situation.

Naturally, I shall have only one vote at my registered voting site for all federal and state candidates and not another) vote for federal and state candidates at my non-homesite locale.

It is interesting that those with whom I discuss this issue declare that I have 2 votes on federal and state issues if this law was to be changed.

Taxation without example of true democracy?

James Crawford

New Lothrop


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