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Sheriff Department Investigates 20-plus Catalytic Converter Thefts


In the last few months, many businesses in Harrison have been targeted with catalytic converter thefts. Now the Clare County Sheriff Department is investigating.

Catalytic converter theft isn’t necessarily just a local problem. Nationwide, converters are being stolen and sold for the precious metals they contain. The critical emissions control device contains precious metals that are more valuable on the market right now than gold. While the thieves are risking their freedom by stealing and making money, local businesses are paying the price.

This past week, several businesses told the Cleaver of their frustration with the thefts. Those thefts were committed months or weeks apart and in the middle of the night. One owner went so far to sleep at the business location hoping to catch the thieves and alert police.

At least five businesses and several private homes have been hit by converter theft. It has cost some businesses $8,000 to $10,000 to replace the converters, and a few are upgrading security systems and considering fencing their property at additional costs.


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