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Read the Fascinating History of Clare County School Houses in New Book


Those interested in more information about Clare County’s schools are in luck! A new book published by Clare County Historical Society member Andrew Coulson is now available. Coulson has been researching schools for over ten years, compiling photos and information about every school in the county.

Until the 1940s, the one room school was a basic educational institution in Clare County, as well as the rest of rural America. Eventually, consolidation with neighboring school districts started for a number of reasons, including improved roads and vehicles that made traveling greater distances possible. Much of the district was consolidated by 1950. Giving up the school was a wrenching experience for most neighborhoods.

Coulson published his book to invoke interest and curiosity in as many people as possible. Many of the schools are from individual communities that no longer exist in the county. Four corners and small settlements all had their own country schools. Schools were a point of pride for a small community and in this book, you can read about most of them.

Coulson researched information in newspapers, school records and firsthand accounts from students and residents. Coulson meticulously researched how schools received their names, and how those names may have changed. School teachers are also listed for anyone wishing to use his book for genealogical research.

While a history project is truly never done, which Coulson admits, his volume is the most comprehensive effort to document schools in Clare County. He’s still researching and collecting information and jokingly said he’d published an updated edition in ten or twenty years.

Coulson has had an interest in Clare County history since he moved to the area in 1981, at the age of five. He lived in the City of Clare for a year, then Hinkleville/Farwell for three years, the City of Harrison for a year and the rest of his time somewhere in-between. He currently lives in Harrison with his family/

Copies of Clare County School Houses can be purchased at the Clare County Cleaver for $22 or from


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