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Not Quite Big News in Harrison, Michigan

Man Lands on the Moon


Sending a man to the moon was a big in the national news on July 20, 1969. I imaged a large front-page article in the Cleaver from that week in 1969.  I had to laugh when I saw it was just a Buck Tale!  It wasn’t  surprising considering the Cleaver has mostly covered local news for the last fifty years.      

National news was covered in the Cleaver and other local papers during WWII and prior to the war.  There wasn’t a lot of other ways to get information.  Out of a four or six-page local paper only one or two pages would be local content.  Then came radio, television, and the internet.  Now local papers are most valuable for their local coverage of news and people. 

Once again, our nation will look to the skies in honor of the 50th anniversary of humankinds first steps on the moon. 


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