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Letter to the Editor-Senator’s Office Hours Turnout Disappointing


As reported in the Cleaver, Sen. Rick Outman held office hours in Harrison on Friday, Feb. 5 from 1-2 p.m.

The senator admits to not being a computer guy, so this is his way of meeting constituents. This is our opportunity to hear of Lansing happenings, exchange concerns we have and discuss issues affecting our lives.

4 – FOUR residents and County Clerk Lori Martin were the only ones who seized this opportunity. Sadly, even though I called Clare City office, Village of Farwell office, Harrison City office, one local township supervisor, 6 of 7 County Board of Commissioners, emailed Mid Michigan Central Region management and sent a group text to neighbors – 4 residents and Lori (remember her come election time) attended.

This is disappointing, pathetic and unacceptable.

Even the Officer stationed at the lobby knew nothing of this meeting.

So, I want to know: Who is awake and running our county (besides Lori)?

Val Kusiak

Ashamed Clare County Resident


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