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Letter to the Editor-Reader Believes Epidemic is Hoax


Well, I see our governor is at it again. I just read that she is attempting to mandate more unconstitutional rules. A few weeks ago, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that all of her directives concerning this communist Chinese virus, COVID-19, were unconstitutional. Yes, all of them.

Now, didn’t the governor swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan? So, if all her mandates were ruled unconstitutional then, why are these any different?

That’s just it, they aren’t. All these new rules are just as wrong as the others. So, when does unconstitutional become illegal? It seems to me that she’s the one that ought to be fined, not us.

So, when are “we the people” going to start telling her No? I say we all show up to our local restaurant Wednesday morning for coffee!

The other thing is this. If you do any research of your own concerning the communist Chinese coronavirus, it won’t take you long to come to the same conclusion that I and many others have come to. It’s A Hoax!

So, I’m going to continue refusing to wear a mask and going about my business and look forward to seeing many of you out there as well. I just hope some of our local restaurants have the courage to stay open. A wise man once said the level of tyranny a person will take is the level they put up with. Say no to tyranny!

Dennis Gargin



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