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Letter to the Editor-Disrespectful Discourse Hurting Michigan


I  have been trying to be patient, understanding, and I realize this year has been very difficult for many. But when I see signs saying :“Be American, don’t vote democratic,” I think it is time to speak up.

Everyone tries to figure out  why the kids of today show no respect for anyone or anything – drive around the county and see some of the political signs that are up and you will have the answer. In the old days you could disagree with someone and yet they showed you respect, as you did them. Now everyone is offended by the least little thing. I think it is a disgrace that there are some who think our governor is a moron, idiot, needs to be impeached or sued for something she is trying to control.

People today are selfish, self-centered and stupid. In  March we were fourth in the nation for the virus. In late June we were 18th in the nation. Now people are wasting their time trying to open Michigan again. She knows what she is doing, and stupid selfish people just can’t get tit through their heads. I am truly sorry foer those who show such disrespect for an elected official because she has had to make some very difficult decisions. When someone thinks that voting Democratic is un-American, they need someone to bring it to others’ attention just how stupid and selfish people are and how that looks to the kids of today. This kind of thinking gives them the right to call others names and continue to bully them because of their parents’ ideas and remarks.

For just one year, we were asked to do something, give up our fun and games, wear a mask and for once think of others. Those who think our governor is stupid or a moron apparently did not read (if they can) the Sept. 11 article from US News. It stated to “Control COVID-19 and Rebook Economy, look to Michigan.” As of that date, Michigan was one of the top 1- states heading back to normal if we continued to follow our governor’s orders.

Other states that opened too soon ended up with increased cases and had to close down again. What is wrong with people? She is trying to protect all of Michigan’s citizens, whether they are republicans, Independent, Democrats or even non-voters. I, for one, am glad we had a governor who stood by her guns and did the right thing.

I hope people will eventually grow up and think what their political signs and words are doing to this country. As for myself, I did not get old by ignoring the experts and not doing what was needed. I have too much to live for to let stupid, selfish individuals ruin my life. I feel sorry for those who think our governor is stupid or a moron. I think it is the other way around. Those who think filing lawsuits against her and that we should jump the gun and open Michigan are those who don’t care about others.

Jacqueline E. Curtis

Mount Pleasant


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