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Letter to the Editor- How important is party affiliation for a local election?


For well-informed voters, party affiliation does NOT define a candidate. Despite the current political climate, we need to look beyond the political party and examine more important matters such as how an individual best represents the interest of your community.

More important than political affiliation are the voting record, personal integrity, community involvement, experience, and dedication that define the candidate. Does a candidate listen to your concerns, respond ethically, and support cooperation among all elected officials?

As an example, for the past four years, the Hayes Township Board has been comprised of a Republican, two Democrats, and two Independents who have worked together as a team to represent and work for Hayes Township. Political affiliation has not played a role in how your tax dollars have been managed responsibly.

Please bear this in mind as you prepare to vote – at the township level, party affiliation has no impact on the ability to lead. Instead of simply checking a straight party selection, consider that the best qualified person will do the best job.

Mike Haley

Trustee, Hayes Township


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