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HHS 1980 Alumni Dedicate Bricks for Veteran Classmates


On Memorial Weekend 2024, in honor of Harrison High School Class of 1980 graduates who served in the military, engraved bricks were dedicated at the Veterans Freedom Park in downtown Harrison.

The names engraved on the bricks are:

-Brenda Beck United States Air Force

-Karl Beemer United States Marine Corps

-David Bruce United States Army/United States Army Reserve†

-Monnie Kaminski United States Marine Corps

-Tom Galford United States Navy/Army Reserve National Guard†

-Lisa Hartcourt United States Armys†

-Edward High United States Army

-Mark Labadie United States Air Force

-Greg Lynch United States Marine Corps†

-Cal McIntosh Army Reserve National Guard

-Kelly Packard United States Marine Corps

-Kimberly Peterson United States Air Force

-Randy Ritchie United States Air Force

-Dan Roach United States Navy

-George Shull United States Navy

-Dennis Schuh United States Army

-Craig Thompson United States Air Force

We are proud of all Harrison High School Alumni who served our country. We thank the Class of 1980 and all Harrison High School Alumni for supporting this effort. Special thanks to Randy Ritchie for spearheading and giving his time to making this happen.


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