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Hayes Continues Working on Blight

Township to Brine Only Its Side of Shared Roads


HARRISON – The New Business portion of the October Hayes General Board meeting saw employee departure, a budget amendment, action on brining, and more.

Addressing a visitor’s question about blight in his area, supervisor Rick Jones informed that the property in question was already being handled. Jones said the township had received 135 complaints and cleaned up and closed 30 of them, roughly a quarter of the complaints. He said 40 were still in the queue.

Two specific properties noted were 4390 Oak Park and 4953 Woodsdale, each of which had been given14 days to clean up and issued tickets.

Under New Business, the board moved to:

-Accept, with regret, the resignation of Cemetery Manager and Election Coordinator Trisha Martin

-Authorize the distribution of the Oct. 4, 2-22 updated draft Master Plan for review in accordance with the Planning Enabling Act.

-Approve attendance to the Elected Officials Workshop presented by township attorneys Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022: a free conference, mileage only, not to exceed $275.

-Approve Supervisor Jones to contact the township attorney regarding a golf cart ordinance.

-Approve Clerk Hoyt to contact the township attorney regarding Special Accessory Use Ordinance 22-04.

-Approve Resolution 22-05 First Quarter Budget Amendment.

-Approve Supervisor Jones to contact Michigan Chloride regarding brining only Hayes Township section of border roads shared with other townships: approximate cost savings of $4,380.

-Approve Liebert UPS annual maintenance agreement renewal-Rehmann Technologies $675.

-Un-table the repeal of Ordinance 99 from the Aug. 15, 2022 meeting.

-Repeal and authorize publication if necessary of Ordinance 99 Outdoor Assembly Ordinance. [A lone dissenting vote was cast by trustee Robert Buckley.]

The Hayes Township Board meets at 7 p.m. the third Monday of the month.


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