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Donor Promises Matching Funds for Clare County Crop Walk


The 2022 Clare County CROP Hunger Walk will be held Sunday, Sept. 25. Locally over 37 years, there have been hundreds of participants (including dogs and “Rockers”) and more than $326,000 raised, said Carol Stuhr, chair of the local planning committee.

This year the Clare County Baby Pantry, His Helping Hands, MMCAA Food Pantry, and the Community Nutrition Network will share 25% of the proceeds of the Clare County CROP Walk.

“This helps these four agencies, because much of their funding depends upon the generosity of the people of Clare County,” Stuhr said.

CROP Walk was started in 1946, born from a grassroots movement after World War II to provide wheat for hungry people, eventually forming Church World Service (CWS).  Today, CWS is a cooperative ministry of 35 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican denominations that provide self-help development, disaster relief and refugee assistance worldwide.

An unnamed donor has promised to give matching funds for all monies given to this year’s CROP Walk.

“So much can be accomplished if many people do just a small part,” Stuhr said.

Clare County’s walk is one of 2,000 held in communities around the United States.

CWS has been helping people in the United States and worldwide to fight hunger, deal with the need for clean drinking water and help with natural disasters.

For information on the Clare County CROP Walk, call 989-539-7910 or email


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