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Clare County Voters Turn Out for Mid-Term Election

Results Previewed in Primary Bear Out – No Local Surprises


HARRISON – Of Clare County’s 23,646 registered voters, 13,321 [56.34%] stepped up to exercise their right and privilege as U.S. citizens and cast their ballots Nov. 8 for their candidates of choice. These official summary results of the General Election, provided by the Clare County Clerk’s office, were posted prior to press time Nov. 15.

Governor – Democrat Gretchen Whitmer
U.S. Representative 2nd District – Republican John Moolenaar
State Senator 34th District – Roger Hauck (R) State Representative 99th
District – Mike Hoadley (R) State Representative 100th
District – Tom Kunse (R) 

Winning at the county level were candidates for the road commissioner and county commissioner.
County Road Commissioner – Merle Harmon (R) and Max Schunk (R).
County Commissioner District 1 – Marlene M. Housler (R) 
County Commissioner District 2 – Dale Majewski (R)
County Commissioner District 3 – Samantha Pitchford (R)
County Commissioner District 4 – Jeff Haskell (R)
County Commissioner District 5 – David A. Hoefling (R)
County Commissioner District 6 – Jack Kleinhardt (R) 
County Commissioner District 7 – Gabe Ambrozaitis (R)
County Commissioner District 8 – George Gilmore (R)
County Commissioner District 9 – Rickie G. Fancon (R)

Candidates winning township offices include:
Freeman Township Clerk – Cindy LaFave (R)
Grant Township Trustee – Linda Gilmore (R)
Greenwood Township Treasurer – Donald L. Warner (R)
Hamilton Township Clerk – Valdine Erskine (R)
Redding Township Clerk – Susan L. Brower (R)
Summerfield Township Treasurer – Sherilene Levy (R)

Several city and village candidates also won approval.
City of Harrison Mayor – Dan Sullivan
Harrison City Council – Angela Kellogg, Phil Duggan and Mick Haley 
Clare City Commission – Patrick Humphrey and John Myers
Village of Farwell President – Tracey Coker Jackson
Village Trustees – Gina Hamilton, Jeff Linton and Shawn Burger 

Clare County students attend in multiple school districts, some of which are in surrounding counties, thus Clare County voters also voted for their school board members. 
Clare Public Schools – Kelly Luplow, John Miller and Loren Lee Cole
Harrison Community Schools – Kendra Durga and Carrie Whitaker, as well as Chad Hathcock/partial term 
Farwell Area Schools – Shari Bucilli, John Gross and Danielle Sholes
Beaverton Rural Schools – Jason Pahl and Adam Zdrojewski, plus Ryan Longstreth/partial term
Gladwin Community Schools – Anne Edick and Sheila Tenwalde, plus Sasha Shea Loomis/partial term.
Evart Public Schools – Todd Bruggema and Mark Moody 
Marion Public Schools – Linda Raymond
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools – Kevin Eisenga and
Matthew Kline, plus Dennis Heuker/partial term.
All three statewide ballot proposals passed, as well as the proposals for operating millage renewal for three local school districts.
However, while two districts passed by healthy margins – Clare Schools passing by 718 votes and Farwell Schools by 584 – the Harrison Community Schools District millage proposal passed by a mere 141 votes.
Also, the Winterfield Township road improvement millage proposal passed by another close vote: 123 to 110.


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