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A Simple Postcard from Clare To Harrison


This early 1900 postcard is not out of the ordinary but that is what I like about it. A collage of early Clare buildings in Clare colorized and published by a company out of Toledo, Ohio.

It was mailed from Clare to Harrison to Mrs. Jos. Newbound.

This card also calls Clare, “The Market City”. I was curious about this title and sure enough found a mention of ‘Market City’ on the front page of a 1909 Clare Sentinel. It read, “In accord with a movement on in many cities Clare has fallen in line and adopted a slogan. “THE MARKET CITY.” The adoption was made Monday, a committee determining that A. E. Maynard’s suggestion as given above be the city’s choice. This is an admirable one as interpreting what Clare does today. It is much to be doubted if any other town in Michigan in proportion for her size can show such an array of wagons and buggies as come to Clare, especially on Saturday. “One and all” for “The Market City”, not to inject it into our political differences, not to boost just on the eve of a municipal election and forget it immediately, but on a sane, consistent basis let us all boost for better markets, a greater Clare and a city of pure homes and ambitious lives.”

What I like about this card is the simple message on the back. It is a quick communication between two friends when a letter wouldn’t suit and not everyone had phone service. The card reads, “Hello Fannie, how are you coming? Trust everything is O.K. Think I am going to like it fine when I get acquainted. Ans soon. Laura” It was mailed in August of 1910. Since I’m naturally curious, or nosey as my husband likes to say when it comes to my genealogy, I looked up the receiver of the card. It went to Fannie (Melvin) Newbound. Fannie was born in Highland in Oakland County and died in Harrison in 1942. Her husband Joseph was born in England and died in Mt. Pleasant in 1947. They appear to have lived in Harrison from 1900 until their deaths and are both buried in Highland.

I enjoy it when I find a common everyday event like this postcard saved by someone and make its way back to where it came from. In an age where we can communicate instantly a little postcard from 113 years ago is a sweet reminder of how life has changed. I still like to send cards and letters but there is no denying cell phones and text messages are quicker and easier. Merry Christmas and I hope you get a few cards in the mail this season!

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