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A Look Back at Gateway Lanes


Clare Sentinel, 29 October 1948

75 Years Ago

Gateway Lanes Grand Opening Friday Evening Mayor Pro Tem Albert Haley Dedicates New Recreation Center in North End

The grand opening last Friday evening of Gateway Lanes, Clare’s new bowling alley and roller skating rink, marked a red letter day in the community’s recreational life. Larry Beck, secretary of the Clare Bowling Association presided as master of ceremonies and presented Leo Russell, president of the association, who complimented Peter and Thomas Caredis, owners of the business, and mentioned that the alleys and rink would provide wholesome recreation for people of all ages. George Wisler, prominent local bowler, was presented and voiced his approval and pleasure of the opening of the alleys.

Peter Caredis was called up on and said that when he first came to Clare he was a little skeptical of living in a small city, but after living here a year found it to be as good a town there was anywhere in the United State. He said he was happy to have a place for the children to enjoy, as well as the bowlers.

Peter Caredis’ son Jerry Brown, manager of Gateway Lanes, and his assistant Albert Church, were presented and each responded with a few appropriate remarks. Mayor Pro Tem Albert Haley then dedicated the alleys, saying that this recreation center was something we have needed a long while and wished the management all the success in the world.

Although the alleys have been open for bowling, the moment Mayor Pro Tem Haley, no mean bowler in his own right, broke the ribbon and sent the first ball rolling down the alleys was an eventful inspection and are A.B.C. approved. Robert Chapman with 226 and Phyliss Schaaf with 251, were each awarded a bowling bag for high score in the bowling contest. Steve Lemmen with 95 and Betty Hahn with 30, were presented with shoe bags as consolation prizes. Mrs. Louise Gibbs, who named the alleys, Gateway Lanes, won first prize in the “name it contest” and Ivan Lozen and Nina Mickle placed second and third respectively.

The building is of cinder block and steel fireproof construction, with a Twindo glass front, and seven inches of solid concrete lays beneath the floors, providing a substantial foundation for the alleys and rink. Cold Cathoid lighting fixtures hang from the Celotex ceiling and a forced air amostat diffused heating and ventilation system of 1,000,000 BTU capacity conditions the air. The heating place is separated from the rest of the building by a concrete wall extending from the floor to the roof.

The 40x12 foot bowling room provides ample space for seven regulation Brunswick alleys and a large gallery for bowlers and spectators. Brunswick B-1 pin setters are hidden by permanent plywood streamlined masking units and Aor-O-Genic hand conditioners have been installed for the convenience and comfort of bowlers.

Brunswick King pins and Brunswick, Ebonite and Ace balls in a variety of weights from 12 to 16 pounds are used.

A display case shows bowling equipment sold by the firm as well as candy, gum, cigarettes and cigars, and an automatic Coca-Cola vender provides- refreshing drinks.

Commodious modern rest rooms are provided for both men and women and a separate building is being built for refinishing pins. There will also be nice rest rooms adjoining the roller rink, for boys and girls.

The roller skating rink will be opened about November 1 in a 60x132 foot room with a 60x100 foot hard maple skating floor laid continuously around the room to provide a better skating surface. Seats are provided at the front of the skating room for spectators and a skate room will house Chicago fibre wheel skates in sizes 0 to 10, for shoe sizes from a child's two to a man’s thirteen. An Acousti-Celotex ceiling will deaden the sound of the skates. Absolutely no smoking will be allowed in the roller skating room.

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