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100 Women Agree

$43,300 donated in 2021 by 100 Women + Who Care


Well, 100 women mostly agree. That didn’t make the greatest headline though. For certain, 100 women agree they care and that is the basis of a new group formed in 2021; 100 Women + Who Care in Clare and the Surrounding Area.

The group was formed on Facebook by Clare resident Stephanie Graham. Graham, who works for Special Olympics Michigan, likes to stay positive.

 “I just wanted to see good humanity and it’s worked,” said Graham, who takes managing a Facebook group of many women in stride and receives inspiration from the group. “It’s brought me so much peace.”

Since the 100 Women group is not an officially organized group financially, members make checks directly to the organization which are all presented at one time to the organization.

Members nominate non-profit groups quarterly, and a final vote is done by members via Survey Monkey. The group has met virtually via Zoom and had several in-person meetings at Shamrock Park. Graham hopes for more in-person meetings this year.

“We want it to be a windfall for the organization,” she said. “We don’t want any restrictions on the money.”

The lack of restrictions on how gifts are spent gives flexibility to organizations such as the Northern Michigan Alliance for Children.

The Northern Michigan Alliance for Children was the fourth quarter winner for 2021, receiving $11,400 in donations from the group.

“Somethings grants don’t cover but there are still services we want to provide.” said Mandy Wigren, NMAC Victim Services Coordinator.

She cited a recent need when the organization wanted to bring a family in from out of town, so they could go to the courthouse ahead of time to prepare the child for testimony.

NMAC was surprised to receive the donation, and although they knew they had been nominated, they didn’t know much about the 100 Women group. They expressed their thanks to Graham and invited group members to their annual gala.

More than $43,400 was donated by the group in 2021. The first quarter donation was $10,000 to Joshua’s House of Clare; the second quarter donation was $10,100 to a family with a young lady battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, the third quarter donation was $11,800 to the Clare Area Weekend Backpack Program; and, as stated, the fourth quarter $11,400 to the Northern Michigan Alliance for Children. While the group plans to focus on non-profits and not individuals, Graham noted an exception was made for the second quarter donation as there was a group consensus.

For 2022, Graham would like to reach 200 contributing members to make two $10,000 donations per quarter. To join the group search “100 Women + Who Care in Clare and the Surrounding Area” on Facebook.


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