Substantial Slate of Contenders on Nov. 6 2018 Ballot

Along with the three ballot proposals dealing with political redistricting, recreational marijuana and voter registration which were published in last week’s Cleaver, Clare County voters will see a Nov. 6 General Election ballot containing a substantial number of candidates vying for partisan and nonpartisan seats. Partisan races include these political parties: Republican [R], Democrat [D], Libertarian [L], U.S. Taxpayers [UST], No Party Affiliation [NPA]; Green [G], Natural Law [NL] and Working Class [WC].

State partisan candidate


Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Bill Schuette/Lisa Posthumus Lyons [R]; Gretchen Whitmer/Garlin D. Gilchrist II [D]; Bill Gelineau/Angelique Chaiser Thomas [L]; Todd Schleiger/Earl P. Lackie [UST]; Jennifer V. Kurland/Charin H. Davenport [G]; and Keith Butkovich/Raymond Warner [NL].

Secretary of State: Mary Treder Lang [R]; Jocelyn Benson [D]; Gregory Scott Stempfle [L]; and Robert Gale [UST].

Attorney General: Tom Leonard [R]; Dana Nessel [D]; Lisa Lane Giola [L]; Gerald T. Van Sicle [UST]; and Chris Graveline [NPA].

Partisan Congressional candidates

United States Senate: John James [R]; Debbie Stabenow [D]; George E. Huffman III [UST]; Marcia Squier [G]; and John Howard Wilhelm [NL].

Representative in Congress 4th District: John Moolenaar [R] and Jerry Hilliard [D].

Partisan Legislative candidates

State Senator 33rd District: Rick Outman [R]; Mark Bignell [D]; and Christopher Comden [UST].

Representative in State Legislature 97th District: Jason Wentworth [R] and Celia Young-Wenkel [D].

Partisan State Boards candidates

Member of the State Board of Education: Tami Carlone [R]; Richard Zeile [R]; Judith R. Pritchett [D]; Tiffany Tilly [D]; Scotty Boman [L]; John J. Tatar [L]; Karen Adams [UST]; Douglas Levesque [UST]; Sherry A. Wells [G]; and Mary Anne Hering [WC]; and Logan R. Smith [WC].

Regent of the University of Michigan: Andrea Fischer Newman [R]; Andrew Richner [R]; Jordan Acker [D]; Paul Brown [D]; James Lewis Hudler [L]; John Jascob [L]; Joe Sanger [UST]; Crystal Van Sickle [UST]; Kevin A. Graves [G]; and Marge Katchmark Sallows [NL].

Trustee of Michigan State University: Dave Dutch [R]; Mike Miller [R]; Brianna T. Scott [D]; Kelly Charron Tebay [D]; Bruce Campbell [L]; Tim Orzechowski [L]; Janet M. Sanger [UST]; John Paul Sanger [UST]; Aaron Mariasy [G]; and Bridgette R. Abraham-Guzman [NL].

Governor of Wayne State University: Diane Dunaskiss [R]; David Nicholson [R]; Bryan C. Barnhill [D]; Anil Kumar [D]; John Elgas [L]; John T. Hargenrader [L]; Christine C. Schwartz [UST]; and Marc Joseph Sosnowski [UST].

County partisan candidates

County Road Commissioner: Karen Hulliberger [R] and Mike Duggan [D].

County Commissioner 5th District: Mark Fitzpatrick [R[ and Sandra Bristol [D].

County Commissioner 6th District: David A. Hoefling [R] and Karen E. Lipovsky [D].

County Commissioner 7th District: Jeff Haskell [R] and Jim Gelios [D]. Commissioners in the remaining districts, Dale Majewski, Samantha Pitchford, Jack Kleinhardt and Leonard Strouse are running unopposed.

Township partisan candidates

Freeman Township Trustee: Sandra Sable [R]; Lori J. Lightfoot [D]; and Robert Eckhardt [NPA]

Hatton Township Treasurer: Molly Humphrey [R] unopposed.

Hayes Township Trustee: Robert A. Buckley [D] unopposed.

Redding Township Clerk: Margaret Borgula [D] unopposed.

Redding Township Treasurer: Brittany May [R] unopposed.

Summerfield Township Clerk: Michelle Provance [NPA] unopposed.

Summerfield Township Treasurer: Connie Blatt [NPA] unopposed.

Winterfield Township Clerk: Bonnie Blackledge [R] unopposed.

Nonpartisan ballot candidates

Justice of Supreme Court: Samuel Bagenstos, Megan Kathleen Cavenaugh, Elizabeth T. Clement, Doug Dern, Kerry Lee Morgan and Kurtis T. Wilder.

Judge of Courts of Appeals 4th District Incumbent Position, 6-year term: Stephen L. Borrello

Judge of Court of Appeals 4th District Incumbent Position, partial term ending Jan. 1, 2023: Brock A. Swartzle

Judge of Circuit Court 55th Circuit Incumbent Position: Roy G. Mienk

Judge of Probate District Court 17th District Incumbent Position: Marcy A. Klaus

Board of Trustees Member Mid Michigan College: Richard S. Allen, Thomas Metzger and Betty M. Mussell.

City of Clare-Commissioner: Patrick A. Humphrey and Karla Swanson.

City of Harrison-Mayor: Matt Stephenson and Stacy S. Stocking.

City of Harrison-Council [3 seats]: Connie L. Cauchi, Angela Kellogg, Michael Kirby II and Don Kolander.

Village of Farwell-President: Gina Hamilton

Village of Farwell-Trustee 4-year term [3 seats]: Allen Brewer, Tracey L. Jackson and Gerry Osborn.

Village of Farwell-Trustee partial term ending Nov. 20, 2020 [2 seats]: Amanda Pfruender and Linda D. Williams.

The nonpartisan ballot has multiple slots for public school district board members, and voters will see ballots vary depending on which district serves their township or precincts within their township.

Board Member Beaverton Rural Schools [3 seats]: ShaVonne Brubaker, Darren Burns, Michael B. Fields, Mark Hayes and William Reader.

Board Member Clare Public Schools [3 seats]: Ben Browning, Loren Lee Cole and John. L. Miller.

Board Member Evart Public Schools [2 seats]: Alan S. Bengry, Jeffrey Jackson, Mark W. Sochocki, Brad VanBuren and Kelly H. Whitman.

Board Member Farwell Area Schools: Kellee Robinson

Board Member Gladwin Community Schools [4 seats]: Karrie A. Hulme, Kerri A. Kirkton, Pellerito and Brad Withrow.

Board Member Harrison Community Schools 6-year term [2 seats]: Therese Haley, Nathan Hulliberger and Roger Peterson.

Board Member Harrison Community Schools partial term ending Dec. 31, 2020: Chad Hathcock

Board Member Marion Public Schools [4 seats]: Keith G. Calkins, Angela M. Carpenter, Monica Cox, Tammy Ladd, Chris McCrimmon, Ryan A. Raymond, Cindy Truxton and Courtney Wilson.

Board Member McBain Rural Agricultural School partial term ending Dec. 31, 2022 [2 seats]: Dennis Heuker and Matt Kline.

Board Member McBain Rural Agricultural School partial term ending Dec. 31, 2020 [1 seat]: Jeremy Hamilton

County residents also will vote on the Operating Millage Renewal Proposal to continue the current tax levy for the Clare, Farwell and Gladwin school districts.

Arthur Township is seeking a vote for a Fire Protection Proposition which reads: “Shall the designated specific land of Arthur Township, Clare County, Michigan, be created into a fire protection special assessment district under the provision of Michigan public Act 81 for the purpose of raising money by special assessment therein for furnishing fire protection?”

Franklin Township seeks a Road Millage Proposal Renewal and a General Operating Millage Proposal Renewal.

Grant Township seeks a Fire Protection Millage Renewal.

Winterfield Township seeks a Road Improvement Proposal Millage Renewal.

– Ballot data compiled by Cleaver staff