The Great Grandson Of Sherlock Holmes

Hilarity ensued for three evenings last week at Harrison High Sherwood HomesSchool as the cast of The Great Grandson of Sherlock Holmes are called to solve the mystery of a poisoning.  Without actual talent to solve mysteries, if SherWOOD Holmes, the great grandson of Sherlock wants any inheritance money he must be a private eye.  Dr. Watson’s descendant, also Dr. Watson, joins him.  Travis Reinke as Sherwood and Maecy Lighthall as Dr. Watson acted out this comedy perfectly with ease and fun.   Together they solve the mystery amid a thumb sucking victim, gunshots and laughs they eventually nail the culprit.

Story Line:

The (very) great grandson of the master sleuth is trying to make it as a private eye. Thrust into a marvelous and complex murder mystery, the young Sherwood tries desperately to rise to the occasion, but his brilliant solution is a bust. However, he still retains a bit of the classic brilliance attached to his name. With more than a little help from Dr. Watson’s descendent, Dr. Watson, he demonstrates the intent of the victim’s last message and nails the culprit.

Sherwood Homes


Sherwood Homes – Trenton Reinke

Doctor Watson – Maecy Lighthall

Jason McTorg the Butler – Tyler Chasteen

Trixie Bender, the Maid – Krystal Steele

Laverne Lovejoy, the Maid – Harley Bashaw-Mullin

Meg Baker – Baylee Mashue

Dinah Cheery, the Cook – Katelynn Maran

Hilary Creastley, sister to Harris – Taylor Smith

Harris Creastley, brother to Hilary, murdered – Michael Kirby

Helga, Lady in Blue Dress – Olivia Lovett

Radio Announcer 1 – Savariah Thomas

Radio Announcer 2 – Alexis Head

Homes Cast

Scene: Holmes’ Office and the Creastley Mansion

Time: The present or thereabouts


Director – Christina Travis

Stage Manager – Quincy Swartout

Stage Ninjas – Savariah Thomas, Alexis Head

Lighting – Quinton Larion

Sound Tech – Gracia Agin

Hair/Makeup Crew – Baylee Mashue, Shania Slater

Building/Paint Crew – Eng. 1 B Class, Drama Class, Alternative Ed English Class, Michael Kirby

Props Crew – Megan Hadley

House Crew – Brittnee Misener, Jacob Hopkins, NHS Volunteers