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The Clare County Cleaver
Established in 1881.

Oldest business in Clare County.
Published weekly Thursdays,
in stands on Wednesdays - 75 cents.

We are a full service Print Shop!

Quality Custom Printing:

• Fliers
• Invitations
• Post Cards
• Personal Mailing Labels
• Newsletters / Brochures
• Menus
• Scratch Pads

• Letterheads
• Envelopes
• Invoices and Statements
• Business Cards
• Raffle Tickets

• and so much more.........

Self-inking rubber stamps

No hunting or trespassing signs

Wholesale Print

Clare County plat books
($25, while supplies last)

Desk calendars for 2018:
($7.25, while supplies last*) 
****These have sold out****

We carry a wide range of legal forms:

Affidavit (gereral)
  • Quit Claim Deeds
• Living Will/Wills
• Warranty Deeds
• Land Contracts
• Power of Attorney
• Guardianship
• Notice of intention to retain mineral rights
• Rental Agreements
• Warranty Deeds
• Claim of Lien
• Security Agreement
• Lease Agreement
(short & Long)
• Durable Power of Attorney (general & Specific)
• ​and ​many others

(All forms cost $2 per page.  Some forms have multiple pages - Ask for pricing)

Feel free to call the office at 989-539-7496. We can take your orders over the phone.