Carolyn Bay Honored at Clare Primary

Longtime School, Community Contributor Receives Recognition

By Dianne Alward-Biery
Cleaver Staff Writer

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CLARE – Another highly significant portion of the Deer Camp 2018 event held Nov. 8 at Clare Primary School was the special recognition given to longtime school and community supporter and contributor Carolyn Bay.

Jason Koch, fourth-grade teacher, described Bay as “our good neighbor and friend.”

Carolyn“She has been a longtime supporter of Clare Schools,” Koch said. “She was on the Clare Board of Education for a lot of years. Carolyn, you’ve been with us [Deer Camp] for 6 years, and on behalf of the school, the staff and the teachers and students, we thank you.”

Koch also recognized Bay’s family members in attendance, adding that he and fellow fourth-grade teacher David Gould were not equipped to thank her enough, so they had brought in “the big guns.” He then called Bay to the front of the room to receive her accolades.

First was a proclamation presented and read by Clare Mayor Pro Tem Jean McConnell:C and D

“Carolyn Bay, an alumnus of Clare High School, has served the citizens of Clare and the citizens of the Greater Clare Community for more than five decades in numerous positions of great responsibility and challenges.

Carolyn is well-known for her calm, statesmanlike approach to all of her public service endeavors and is greatly respected and highly revered in the local community for her innumerable accomplishments.

Carolyn has selflessly served with an impeccable standard of excellence, and the City of Clare wishes to publicly recognize the remarkable contributions of Carolyn Bay to the Clare Community Area.

Now, WHEREAS I, Jean McConnell, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Clare, on behalf of the Clare City Commissioners, City Staff and Community, do hereby issue this proclamation to honor Carolyn Bay for her amazing list of outstanding accomplishments during her 53 year period of extraordinary service and phenomenal leadership while serving the residents of the City of Clare and the Greater Clare Community.”

A second proclamation was presented to Bay by Dave Coker on behalf of 97th District Representative Jason Wentworth. Coker extended the representative’s regrets at being unable to attend and noted that Wentworth was being elected Speaker Pro Tem that day, adding it was the biggest honor Wentworth had received thus far.

Coker said it was difficult for Wentworth to decide what of Bay’s many accomplishments to include in the proclamation, having asked if he could use three pages. The proclamation reads:

“Special Tribute to Carolyn Bay

Let it be known that it is with great respect and appreciation that Carolyn Bay is recognized for her foresight and commitment to Michigan’s natural resources. Her enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to the education of our youth helped to lift our public schools’ Deer Camp off the ground, and with it, fostering a greater sense of appreciation for the out of doors for our shared community’s youth.

Carolyn has been involved in 4-H since childhood. Upon graduating from Clare High School in 1954, she attended Michigan State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry. She later went on to receive a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Michigan State University in 1968, and then two years later in 1970 received a vocational agricultural degree, also from Michigan State University.

During and after her education, Carolyn has been a fixture in 4-H and agricultural circles. Since 1959, Carolyn has held the titles of 4-H Club Agent, 4-H Youth Agent, Regional Livestock Agent, District Livestock Agent, Acting County Extension Director, Director of Livestock Agents. Since 1992, she has presided as president of the T-Bill Stables Inc. and president of the W.C. Cornwell Ranch, which she owns along with her two brothers.

Carolyn’s breadth of experience working with not only various livestock and animals, but also with youth, has been essential in the formation and foundation of Deer Camp which now has over 600 schools participating in the state of Michigan.

In special tribute, THEREFORE, this document is signed and dedicated to Carolyn Bay for her dedication to natural resources and the state of Michigan and for the work she has done with our youth to foster greater appreciation for our out of doors and our natural resources.

We wish Carolyn continued success in her endeavors.

Signed: State Representative Jason Wentworth, State Senator Judy Emmons, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Governor Rick Snyder.

Koch closed out the school’s acknowledgement of Bay’s contributions with the following comment:

“We have truly a leading steward here, a leading female role model here too that’s been a big part of the school,” he said. “You look around the school today – we’re blessed to be in a new classroom, beautiful buildings. And it’s your years of dedication within the community that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing here today. And thank you for pushing us to go deeper. On behalf of Dave [Gould] and I and everybody here, we thank you.”

Bay expressed her appreciation for the recognition bestowed on her that day, saying she was “flabbergasted.”

“I was totally surprised, but tally appreciative,” she said. “I love the community … and I appreciate all the education I got from this community and the people in it. And for my neighbors, too. Thank you very much.”