Shop Local Giveaway Winner Pays It Forward

August 23, 2018


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Local Giveaway Winner Pays It Forward

What started out as one of Bob’s Party Store’s usual giveaways took on a life of its own a week and half ago.  Robert Flowers, owner of Bob’s, enlisted Maye Tessner-Rood to purchase a local basket of goods for $200.  Over $4000 in goods and services from 70 local businesses ended up donated and purchased to create not a basket but a wheelbarrow of a giveaway! Deb Hoyt and Maye Tessner-Rood donated the wheelbarrow.

Gidget Landry, of Harrison was the big winner of goods and services worth $4003.00! In the spirit of this shop local movement Gidget gave back over $1700 in certificates and goods for Bob’s Party Store to pay it forward in further prize drawings. In addition, Gidget is sharing many of her winnings with friends and family. 

In addition to the big prize, five more names were drawn, and Greg Roy, Betsy Ulicki, Breanna Thrush, Letha Danberry, and Karla Moses all won $100 in prizes each.

To enter the local giveaway’s visit Bob’s Party Store on Facebook. 


Gidget Landry left, Robert Flowers, center, of Bob’s Party Store and Maye Tessner-Rood, right, Hayes Township Treasurer. 


Harrison Party Store Sparks Local Business Support, Giveback

August 25, 2018

Bobs Party Store


Bob’s Party Store has held many giveaways for fun items, local event tickets and for their own store merchandise, but recently it’s been taken to a whole new level of excitement.

That excitement comes from enlisting the help of Maye Tessner-Rood. Owner Robert Flowers gave her $200 to use her considerable talents to make a basket of local items to give away. Intending to fill it by purchasing local items, Maye soon started receiving donations and calls from local business to contribute to the latest Bob’s giveaway.

“This has been a great experience,” Maye said. “Seeing it grow and the businesses networking with each other and the community. Building a stronger community together with a great fun project.”

Robert states he has no ulterior motives, he’s not raising money or running for office; he’s simply giving things away, having fun, and promoting his business by giving back to his customers. Understanding local businesses, he stresses “we’ve got to” promote local business and stick together as a community.

Via its Facebook page, Bob’s Party Store has given away everything from Subway gift cards to Michigan’s Adventure passes to Nickelback concert tickets. The concert tickets were the most popular item. The giveaways have doubled the party store’s Facebook followers and Robert hopes they helped promoted local events such as the Clare County Fair. The Fair giveaways seemed to encourage other businesses to give away Fair event tickets and parking passes bringing even more attention to the weeklong event.

Robert, a Harrison native, understands the community well after almost 30 years in the retail business; first at Ashcraft’s Market and later the Save-A-Lot food chain.  His own store, Bob’s Party Store, opened after extensive remodeling of the closed store in 2012 and they have increased business each year.

Robert has seen the power of building community at his store on a weekly basis. He recalled an instance of someone paying for the purchase of a law enforcement officer’s slice of pizza and beverage, and also has had several “pay it forward” chains that begin with one person paying for a pizza order and each person continuing to do so.

Each September he holds a customer appreciation event with free food, drinks, and of course, giveaways! 

At press time the local gift basket giveaway scheduled for Sunday evening, Aug. 19 was valued at more than $1,000. To enter the contest visit Bob’s Party Store on Facebook.

Visit @shoplocalMIHarrison on Facebook.