Old Clare County and Odd Michigan


Clare County Historical Society Hosts Annual ‘Old Fashion Day’ Sept. 29, with special guest Mark Jager, author of Mystic Michigan series of books.

Old Fashion Days

bookSome who visit the Clare County Historical Museum complex on Old Fashion Day may think learning in a one-room schoolhouse, living in a log cabin, using a manual typewriter or needing a blacksmith as “old.”  But this year's visitors will also learn about “odd,” as author Mark Jager talks about such things as sinking cities, floating islands, bottom-less lakes, tornados of fire, green sunsets, and other natural phenomenon and oddities that exist throughout the state.

“While the focus at Old Fashion Day is providing visitors with the opportunity to go back in time for a day, we also want to expand our offerings and we're thrilled to get Mark to come and talk to our members and guests,” said Carron Nevill, CCHS board member who arranged for his visit.

“Kids and adults love his books. Plus, he also wrote Mystic Michiganders, which has a segment on Spikehorn Meyer, who was from Clare County,” she added. 


Shipwright Gene Bodnar also will give a talk on the H.M.S. Clare, a WWII destroyer that was named after the City of Clare. Bodnar recently built a detailed replica of the ship that was given to Great Britain at the start of the war.  The recently completed ship is on display at the museum.

Old Fashion Day will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Clare County museum complex at the corner of Dover Road and Eberhart Avenue, north of Clare. Along with guest speakers, there will be blacksmiths, farm equipment, tractor rides, animals, music, good food and more.  Visitors will have one last chance before all buildings close for the 2018 season to tour the museum, the historic one-room schoolhouse and the small log cabin where the Ott family raised 18 children.

Admission to all speakers and activities is only $3 per person.  Children 12 years and under admitted free.  Proceeds benefit the museum. 

The Clare County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, advancing and disseminating knowledge of the history of Clare County and the surrounding areas.  Visit the Clare County Historical Society on Facebook or go to clarecountyhistory.org to learn more about the event, our organization and local history.