April 26, 2018

S&S Collision Creates Corvette Project

Iconic Car Raffle to Benefit Schools



By Dianne Alward-Biery
Cleaver Staff Writer

Copyright Clare County Cleaver

HARRISON – At a time when communities are looking for ways to help their students have a well-rounded educational experience, one Harrison businessman has struck on a way to use his special skills to help. Jacob Stuhr, owner of S&S Collision, has procured and is in the process of renovating a 1978 Corvette 2-door T-Top coupe which will be raffled off at a drawing to be held in Clare during halftime of the Sept. 7 Clare-Harrison football game.

The car will be on display at the Memorial Day Car Show, throughout the Clare County Fair, and during the Old 27 Car Tour in both Clare and during Harrison Street Fair. Tickets for this one-of-a-kind drawing cost $100 each and will be available for purchase at those events, as well as at S&S Collision.

This raffle is being conducted under a raffle license procured by the Harrison Community Schools, but the actual ticket sales function is being handled by Ashley Pratt, office manager at S&S Collision. All ticket sales monies will be funneled into the HCS Business Office, and then Harrison Community Schools will split the proceeds equally and disburse them to the Clare and Harrison school booster organizations.

Pratt is highly enthused about the project and has been exploring multiple ways to promote the booster clubs project.

Initiation and promotion of this project will reap no financial gain for S&S Collision, but it certainly will benefit many students in the two school districts. Stuhr made it clear that his goal is simply to stir up some excitement in the community which will ultimately help local students.

“And who doesn’t want a $100 Corvette?” Stuhr said.

Stuhr estimates he will invest 300 to 350 work hours into the renovation. He also said that, if all goes well, the project could be repeated in the future following a different vehicle theme.

Sale of the $100 tickets has already begun, with the No. 0001 ticket purchased April 20 by Clare County Cleaver owners Barry Henry and Angela Kellogg.

The Corvette was originally white with a brown interior, but all that will change. Stuhr is staying tight-lipped about what the final interior/exterior color scheme will be, knowing that will help pique people’s curiosity.

To purchase tickets, drop by S&S Collision at 3865 N. Clare Ave., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The winning ticketholder does not need to be present at the Sept. 7 drawing in order to win.